Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Batman

Batman has been one of the most popular comic book characters out there since time immemorial. His popularity got a big boost recently thanks to the Arkham games which are awesome. That leads me to my Batman which was heavily based on the costume designs from the series. He's not too robotic/padded yet he doesn't look like he's wearing tights. Rather than the black monotone of the movie costumes, I chose to go with the dark blue, dark grey and black combo. I also sculpted the logo and chose to put the iris in the eyes because it's more realistic to his costume and character. The blades on the arms were made from bobby pins. I'm happy with the end design and proud to have him in my collection. Cheers!

Head - MU Constrictor w/ sculpt
Body & Upper Legs - BnB Kane w/ sculpt
Upper Arms - BnB Mr. Kennedy
Lower Arms - ROC Flash w/ sculpt
Lower Legs & Feet - IM2 Advanced Armor IM w/sculpt
Belt - CAPAM Capt. Britain
Cape - Rubber Gloves and Marvel Legends Dr. Strange


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green Lantern Hal Jordan 2.0

So I decided to remake my GL using the new MU male body to make him a bit taller. I reused the head from my old GL and sculpted additional hair. I also sculpted the body armor, shoulder guards and chest symbol to add a little more depth rather than just painting it on. I painted this one using lighter green and instead of putting white or silver in the spaces on the symbol, I decided to use yellowish green to make it look more like the current symbol on GL's chest. This is based on the new DCnU design which I love because they decided to retain the basic GL costume with minimal changes. The difference on mine is that I decided not to follow the pointed boots look. Enjoy!

Head - Mr. Kennedy BnB with sculpt
Body - New MU male body (Cyke, Steve Rogers) with sculpt