Sunday, June 27, 2010

Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye

Some old Transformers customs that  were laying around that needed to be posted :D Thanks!



Ultra Magnus

Hot Rod

The Brothers




Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daredevil - The Man Without Fear

Hey Hornheads, From now on I'll be keeping track of all my customs so that I'll have at least my own personal site for you guys to keep coming back to. 

"Hell's Kitchen is my neighborhood. I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night, watching from the darkness. Forever in darkness. A guardian devil."

First thing's first, Daredevil! That's right. My first MU custom is my favorite superhero of all time, the man without fear, Daredevil. The main base was MU Daredevil combined with ROC and 25th GI JOE parts. Painted in Tamiya acrylics. I used gunmetal with a little wash to bring out the details and then I covered the whole figure with clear red. I was going for a darker Daredevil to represent his mindset as a superhero. He was based on the Bowen Daredevil statue. I hope you guys enjoy him as much as I do!

"You can do anything if you're not afraid."

-Jack Murdock

"Violence doesn't discriminate. It hits all of us... the rich, the poor, the healthy, the sick. It comes as cold and bracing as a winter breeze off the Hudson. Until it sinks into your bones... leaving you with a chill you can't shake. They say there's not rest for the wicked. But what about the good? The battle of Good vs. Evil is never-ending... because evil always survives... with the help of evil men. As for Daredevil, well... soon the world will know the truth. That this is a city born of heroes, that one man CAN make a difference."

The horns on his head were sculpted. The upper torso was DD's combined with a House of M Spidey that was sculpted to give it a little mass. Also added bands and belts along the body for the urbanized Ninja and I sculpted the logo on his chest.

The belt was made from various GI JOE webgear. I also put places where his weapons can be placed like on his belt for his billy clubs and his left leg holster for his versatile clubs that can combine to form together and also separate to become his stunt wire.

The wire came from a craft store that was just perfect for ol' DD.

The bonus piece, the base, was made from those Dragon Quest weapons that had stands. It was heavily modified and repaired to replicate a part of a burnt church where Daredevil usually comes by. The fallen cross on the bottom represents all DD's dead loved ones.

I hope he's up to your expectations. I hope the next custom fig will be as good as this one. So come back because there's more to come!

"When it rains, it's like there's a rooftop on the world. Each raindrop makes a sound the first time it falls on a surface. Just then, it's like I... it's like I can see again. And I... I just wanna... I just wanna see you."

-Daredevil to Elektra