Saturday, April 7, 2012

Captain America

 I wanted a CapAm figure that was worthy of being called a super soldier and none of the current figures had the suitable height or even bulk for what i wanted. So here is my attempt and I really like the way he came out. Used a completely different head on this one and made the star on his chest bigger. I also opted for an Ultimate Alliance inspired scheme with the metallic chain mail and gritty/earthy colors for the rest of the suit. I also made the shield a whole lot thinner and added straps to the inner part. Now I have a fig in my collection worthy of being called Captain America.


Head: Modified POC Duke
Upper Torso: Modified Heavy Artillery Cap Buck (Now w/ Swivel Neck)
Lower Torso & Upper Half of Upper Thigh: Ultimates Cap Buck
Arms: Deluxe Cap Buck (Used this one because it had a little more bulk and because of the wrist articulation. Modded to have rotating elbows)
Legs: Heavy Artillery Cap Buck

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Decided to repaint my Venom figure into a Berserk Flash Thompson version with a few variations in the design. Added wrist and ankle articulation as well. Sorry about the crappy painting on the logo. :D