Friday, June 10, 2011

Gambit - Le Diable Blanc

"The X-Men are heroes. I'm a thief."

Here's Gambit! Before I talk about this figure, I'm now going to start putting my logo on each picture since I don't want anyone to copy them. I've also decided to base the design of my customs on what I think they would look like in my superhero universe. So with this figure, I've decided that this is a full-powered Gambit where none of his powers have been lessened by the operation Mr. Sinister did to him. (Yes, this means that he can blow things up with his mind now. LOL). I put a lot of thought into this figure since Gambit is my favorite character from the X-men story-line. He's all about being mysterious and always having his own agenda and that's what I like about ol' Remy. First off I never liked the pink/mauve outfit he wears in the comics and decided to darken the tone of that shade of color with my own version. Next I decided to keep the design of his outfit at a minimal and that meant no more patterns on the sides of his pants and no more armor parts on his collar bone area. I like how it turned out and it was what I was looking for. I also lengthened his hair since the long-haired Gambit was the one I like better. I was also very happy with how the jacket came out since I was going for a brown-leathery look. I changed the forearm part of the jacket to go with more straps and a more sophisticated feel. I also made his kinetic card that's already charged up to explode. You gotta go with the Ace of Spades on that one. Lastly I decided to put my own spin on his bo staff by making it transparent. (Just imagine Emma Frost gave it to him or something, assuming she can do that). I think it adds more flare to how Remy looks and makes him much more unique. Overall I really liked how this figure all came together and I was even surprised how minimal the paint rub was on the shoulders. I thought they would chip really easily because of how tight they were. I can't wait to make Rogue to partner up with Remy! Thanks and enjoy!


Head - XMO Gambit (Sculpted Hair)
Lower Arms and Hands - ROC Storm Shadow (Modded Left Fingers)
Lower Legs - XMO Maverick
Jacket - DC Commissioner Gordon
Card and Staff - Custom
Everything Else - XMO Gambit (Minor Sculpting)

A scale shot with my other custom figures.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hulk - The Jade Giant

The other fig from my first commission.

Base Figure: SW Hulk

Sculpted hair and some torn details.

Superman - The Last Son of Krypton

My first commission. I hope you guys like it. I can't wait to make a Superman of my own!

Recipe: MU Sentry

Removed Sentry's hair and sculpted my own.Cape was re-done (It's peeling in the pics but I already fixed that). Sculpted boots and belt. It's simple but I like it.