Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Optimus Prime

Always wanted an Optimus Prime that was bigger than a deluxe but smaller than a voyager, so I made my own. This figure is unfortunately non-transfromable due to the way his upper body works. 

The base figure is a classics deluxe OP with the arms of FE voyager Prime and the upper body is from an OP plastic figurine that has a chest gimmick which can store the Matrix of Leadership. However, I have no idea what the name of the figurine was. The head is from a Kre-O OP that I had lying around and it's paint scheme is inspired by TF Prime OP. Some of the added mech parts are just from some fodder in my parts bin. Everything has been custom painted though this figure has major rubbing issues and the left food almost broke off due to my miscalculation of the amount of paint that got stuck between the peg and the hole. I also added a backpack part from some Gundam fodder if I get the motivation to make upgrades to OP.

- Ion Blaster and Battle Blade
- Opening chest with Matrix
- Upper legs from generations Bumblebee
- Sawed off kneepads

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


My alpha seekers are finally complete! Though Starscream will always be number 1, Skywarp still has the best color scheme. Used a scrap FOC Starscream as a base for this figure.

- New legs (RG Gundam)
- New null rays
- Added extra tail fins on the legs
- Extended Swept up wings
New hands


After seeing the RID Starscream mold, I knew that this was a custom that I wanted to do. I had always looked for a definitive Starscream to fit my collection, and now I do.

- New hands
- Added tailfins
- Added miscellaneous mech parts and thrusters
- Removable upgrade kit (G1 wings, collar bone covers, thrusters)
- New null rays
- Movie weapons
- Megatron gun
- Dragon dagger to call Bruticus/Trypticon (Cause why not? haha)

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Got back into toy customizing after a long time. Here's Thundercracker made out of a KO OS legends figure.

- New head
- New hands
- New null rays
- Articulated the wings
- Full repaint
- Added decals

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Captain America

 I wanted a CapAm figure that was worthy of being called a super soldier and none of the current figures had the suitable height or even bulk for what i wanted. So here is my attempt and I really like the way he came out. Used a completely different head on this one and made the star on his chest bigger. I also opted for an Ultimate Alliance inspired scheme with the metallic chain mail and gritty/earthy colors for the rest of the suit. I also made the shield a whole lot thinner and added straps to the inner part. Now I have a fig in my collection worthy of being called Captain America.


Head: Modified POC Duke
Upper Torso: Modified Heavy Artillery Cap Buck (Now w/ Swivel Neck)
Lower Torso & Upper Half of Upper Thigh: Ultimates Cap Buck
Arms: Deluxe Cap Buck (Used this one because it had a little more bulk and because of the wrist articulation. Modded to have rotating elbows)
Legs: Heavy Artillery Cap Buck

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Decided to repaint my Venom figure into a Berserk Flash Thompson version with a few variations in the design. Added wrist and ankle articulation as well. Sorry about the crappy painting on the logo. :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Took a break from making DC characters so I decided to finish my custom Scorpion lying around the work area. Hanzo's design is heavily based on the concept of Vincent Prose. I really liked how he explained that the yellow on the costume comes from the Demon's blood that had resurrected Scorpion. I tweaked the design a little bit by mixing his MK9 shoulder pads, mask and swords with the design. He was coated with flat black and painted a shade of gun metal on his armored parts. His skin was also purposely painted to look pale because he is of the undead. I also followed the concept wherein his skin on the elbow part looks like it is peeling off. A lot of sculpt went into this one and I also included a custom non-articulated Bi-Han/Elder Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot to show how he was killed by Scorpion. Fatality!

Recipe: Scorpion
Head - MU Black Panther
Body, Arms, Feet - MU Cyclops
Hands - ROC Para-Viper
Upper Legs - MU Daredevil
Lower Legs - Random Indiana Jones Fig
Swords and Spear - Scratch Made
Everything Else - Can't Remember :)

Recipe: Sub-Zero
25th Storm Shadow (Removed usable joints for recycling later on)