Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green Lantern Hal Jordan 2.0

So I decided to remake my GL using the new MU male body to make him a bit taller. I reused the head from my old GL and sculpted additional hair. I also sculpted the body armor, shoulder guards and chest symbol to add a little more depth rather than just painting it on. I painted this one using lighter green and instead of putting white or silver in the spaces on the symbol, I decided to use yellowish green to make it look more like the current symbol on GL's chest. This is based on the new DCnU design which I love because they decided to retain the basic GL costume with minimal changes. The difference on mine is that I decided not to follow the pointed boots look. Enjoy!

Head - Mr. Kennedy BnB with sculpt
Body - New MU male body (Cyke, Steve Rogers) with sculpt


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