Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GL Hal Jordan - The Emerald Knight

Forcing your willpower into the ring. Asking it to give your thoughts... life... that what it's like?

every time.


Part two of my Hal Jordan special. Hal has obviously taken over as my new favorite comic book superhero. Something about the concept of willpower and how powerful you can become through it fits me well. I decided to do Hal first and maybe follow up with the rest of the magnificent 7 and then the corpse. Hal here was made with careful planning and although the execution wasn't what I would've liked, it'll do just fine. 

I decided to make a simple base for him and give the base some space for the battery to be displayed. I think the lantern battery is one of the most iconic objects in the DC universe and shouldn't be left out. I originally intended to put LED's inside but I sucked at it and sticked to what I do best. Sculpted a lot on this guy and added some height as the BNB figs are on the short side. Chopped the legs and molded some mass to do that. I also decided to sculpt my own mask and hair along with the costume. I chose the Kennedy head because I thought it added more emotion if Hal's expression was a little more intense. And what would a Green Lantern be without a construct? For Hal, simplicity but accuracy and strength is the way to go. So, the standard power beam was chosen over more sophisticated constructs. I'll try to do more complicated ones for my future GL's. 

Cheers and I hope you like it! Commens are always welcome!


Head: BNB Mr. Kennedy
Torso: BNB Mr. Kennedy
Biceps: SHS Punisher
Forearms: BNB Mr. Kennedy
Legs: BNB Kane
Base: Random plastic strips with lots of Hot glue and a SHS stand (Made my own clip too. haha)
Lantern Battery: JLU standard lantern battery with some sculpt
Construct: Plastic Fodder

In Brightest Day...

In Blackest Night...

No Evil Shall...

Escape My Sight.

Let Those...

Who Worship Evil's Might...


My Power...

Green Lantern's...


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