Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hal Jordan - Green Lantern of Sector 2814

"What are you afraid of?"

People like to ask me that, when they do, they have this knowing grin on their faces, as if they expect me to answer "nothing".

I humor them most of the time because that's what they want me to say.

"I'm not afraid of anything"

Before I was given the greatest weapon in the universe, before I journeyed to the stars--

--my dad gave me the power to do anything.

He told me I could be whatever I wanted to be.

- Hal Jordan

Here is part one of my Hal Jordan special. Hope you guys like it. Feels nice to get back to customizing after all work and school.

My inspiration for this one was simple, Hal Jordan before he became the green lantern. I've always had a thing for jets and being a pilot. It's not a coincidence that GL became my favorite comic book superhero to date. I purposely photographed this custom without showing the head because it just feels... right. I chopped the upper part of the bbi fig and combined it with the lower part of Matt Trakker. I also did the same with the 2 parts of the feet so that He'd have authentic looking boots. Comments are always welcome!


Head: BBI spec ops soldier
Torso: BBI spec ops soldier + 25th Matt Trakker
Arms: BBI Spec ops soldier & commando
Legs: Matt Trakker
Feet: Matt Trakker + BBI commando
Accessories: GI JOE and BBI parts
Helmet: BBI spec ops combined with custom fodder + sculpting

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