Friday, February 25, 2011

Thor Odinson - The God of Thunder

"I am Thor Odinson of the Vikings, giant. I am not the god of reason and understanding. I am the god of Thunder and Lightning!!!"

Hi guys, another custom from me. This time, the mighty Thor! Of the big 3, I've always been fan of Thor. I gotta say that the MU modern version was a very good figure but I was never a fan of that costume. I wanted something between a cross of the classic look and the modern look. This custom is heavily influence by his classic costume in MUA2. I did a lot of sculpting on his upper armor and made his skirt thing from scratch. I also redid Mjollnir from the old one to make it look bigger. The wings on his helmet was also raised a bit and I added discs on the sides. It's hard to explain some of the things I did on this guy so just take a look. Cheers guys! I hope you like him.

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Head: MU Thor
Torso: MU Dark Spiderman
Arms: MU Wolverine
Hands: MU AOT Thor
Cape: MU AOT Thor
Legs: MU Thor
Mjollnir: MU Thor

"I am the god of Thunder, lord of the savage Lightning, the very skies must tremble when speaks The Mighty Thor!"

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