Sunday, July 11, 2010


Trying out ways to take better pictures of my customs.

Brighter Light:

Darker Light:

I think the light will depend on the custom, in this case Daredevil is better off on the darker photos.

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  1. i want to start by saying that you are a genius when it comes to sculpting and putting a figure together. this is your calling and despite the path you choose in life, you are definitely a sculptor at heart. I go by Rama. i'm jus a regular guy who collects figures. right now i'm working on my MU collection. but, some of the figures jus aren't sculpted right. and the joints are loose on arrival. idk if you are in the business of selling figures or not but i would love to have some of your work on display in my collection. especially one of those daredevils you created. please take my e mail and get back with me about arrangements about having figures made. Hopefully we can arrange something because i'm looking to make other collectors in my hometown jealous. is my email. please make contact with me.